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What We Offer offers carefully selected wholesale supplies for candles, reed diffusers & room and linen mists:

  • Soy wax NatureWax C-3 for container candles
  • Soy wax Proquinat 10 for container candles
  • Pre-waxed wicks with metal holders Wedo Stabilo
  • Glass jars for candles
  • Bottles and caps for reed diffusers
  • Base for reed diffusers Augeo Clean Multi
  • Base for room and linen mists Cyclopentasiloxane

Natural Waxes for Candles

Soy Wax Proquinat Soy Wax 10 at wholesale price

  • the wax is sold in cardboard boxes (in manufacturer’s cardboard boxes), in the form of ~4 – 5 kg slabs,
  • minimum order quantity – about 50 boxes of ~16 kg (full pallet).

Soy wax NatureWax C-3 at wholesale price

  • wax is sold in cardboard boxes (manufacturer’s packages of 22.68 kg each),
  • minimum order quantity – 40 boxes.

Waxed Wicks With Holders Wedo Stabilo

We offer to buy factory-waxed wicks with holders Wedo Stabilo in wholesale prices:

  • wicks are sold in packs of 1000 pieces,
  • MOQ – 1 bag of 1000 pcs of one size wick,

Recommended sizes of low melting point vegetable wax NatureWax C-3 according to the inner diameter of the jar:

  • 2 – <38 mm
  • 3 – 38-39 mm
  • 4 – 39-40 mm
  • 5 – 41-43 mm
  • 6 – 43-47 mm
  • 7 – 48-50 mm
  • 8 – 50-57 mm
  • 10 – 58-64 mm
  • 12 – 65-74 mm
  • 14 – 75-80 mm
  • 16 – >81 mm
  • 18 – >81 mm
  • 20 – >81 mm
  • 22 – >81 mm
Waxed Wicks Wedo Stabilo
Waxed Wicks Wedo Stabilo

Candle Glass Vessels With a Thick Bottom, 300 ml

  • Externally Matt White
  • Externally Glossy Black
  • Externally Matt Black
  • Externally Glossy White

Stable glass with a thick bottom.
Holds about 250 g of wax / 300 ml.
Glass weight 270 g.
The glass is slightly widening upwards (+4 mm).


height 97 mm, depth 82 mm, inner diameter at the top 78 mm, outer diameter at the top 82 mm, outer diameter at the bottom 78 mm.

MOQ: 128 units of one model.

Natural Cork Lids for Candle Jars

Compressed natural cork lid designed for our colored 300 ml glasses. This is a great protection of the candle from dust and other dirt, also it gives the candle a modern look.

MOQ: 128 items.

Lid features:

  • ideally created for our colored 300 ml glasses – no falling out,
  • dimensions for glossy and matt white or black glasses: 82×15 mm (7 mm goes inside the jar), bottom diameter 77 mm,
  • rounded edges creates finished look,
  • model with minimal insert – leaves more space for wax and wick,
  • easily removable when grabbed at the edges,
  • sustainable material – natural cork is stripped from the bark of cork oak (Quercus suber), so no trees are harmed and they keep on growing,
  • our cork used in these lids is grown in the EU.

Our range of bottles for reed diffusers

High quality glossy black or glossy white 100 ml reed diffuser bottles.

MOQ: 108 items of one color.


  • height with neck – 76 mm (A),
  • diameter of the bottom is 65 mm (B),
  • height without neck – 55 mm (C),
  • neck thread – 18.5 mm (D),
  • height with cap ~ 85 mm.

Caps and reeds are sold separately and are not included with the bottle.

Caps for reed diffuser bottles

Our range of caps for 100 ml reed diffuser bottles: inserted, with additional plastic stoppers or with EPE liner – no additional plastic plugs needed for safe transportation.

  • Glossy white or matt black coating available.
  • You can use up to 7 (seven) 4 mm thick fiber reeds or 5 (five) 6 mm thick fiber reeds with this lid.


cap diameter – 30 mm,
cap hole diameter – 18 mm,
cap height – 20 mm,
cap weight with the EPE liner – 5 g,
composition: inner part – plastic, outer part – plastic.

MOQ: 108 items of one color.

Liquid bases for home fragrances

Augeo Clean Multi is a new generation liquid base for reed diffusers made from renewable sources.

MOQ – 210 kg steel drum.


  • enhances the spread of aroma,
  • environmentally friendly,
  • effective diluent,
  • low carbon (CO2) footprint,
  • minimum odor,
  • non-toxic.

Cyclopentasiloxane is a clear, light and odorless silicone-based oil which, due to its properties, is particularly suitable for the production of room and linen mists and other related products:

  • room and linen mists,
  • baths, body care products,
  • perfume,
  • antiperspirants, deodorants,
  • hair, skin care products.

MOQ – 20 kg.

It is a direct alternative to , a similar product cyclomethicone.

As a liquid fragrance diluent and non-hazardous base, cyclopentasiloxane is suitable for cosmetic and body care products and can provide a silky and soft feel to them, also can perfectly reveal fragrance notes and evaporate quickly in room or linen mists. In order for the product not to stain fabrics and other surfaces, it is important to use non-colouredfragrance or essential oils.

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